Learning to Manage Your Stress & Anxiety

Whether it's temporary stress that's overwhelming you or consistent struggles with anxiety, I can teach you skills to better manage your symptoms. We can unveil some of the underlying aspects that influence your anxiety or making adjustments to make your responsibilities feasible. Together we can work to help you feel prepared for these moments.

Here are some topics where you may want support:

  • How depression relates to stress and anxiety

  • Increasing motivation

  • Short term and long term goals

  • Challenging negative and anxious thoughts

  • Being less reactive with your behavior when triggered

  • Finding appropriate ways to manage feelings 

  • Balancing responsibilities

  • Practicing assertive communication and asking for help

  • Coping with life transitions, grief, and trauma

  • Substance use harm reduction or abstinence

  • Developing anger management strategies

  • Creating a self care plan

  • Identifying coping skills that help in the moment

Please contact me to schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your personal concerns and get to know one another.