Planting Seeds of Love & Respect in Your Relationship(s)

Relationships can feel complicated but I've worked with couples to help them learn and understand one another. I enjoy seeing you grow closer with your loved ones. Together, we will figure out healthier ways for you to act, communicate, strive to be a realistic version of #relationshipgoals, and more content overall.

Here are some topics where you may want support:

  • Increasing assertive communication rather than passive and aggressive communication

  • Establishing boundaries and expectations that are realistic

  • Recognizing codependent behaviors

  • Building trust after infidelity or betrayal

  • Learning skills to compromise

  • Fair fighting tips and family conflicts

  • Co-parenting challenges

  • Building intimacy and passion

  • Exploring polyamory or monogamy and setting agreements that fit you in your relationships

Please contact me to schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your personal concerns and get to know one another.