Reviews are posted without clients' names to protect their privacy.

"I have to say Marcelle Craig was an amazing counselor! I wasn't in a good head space with my preceding divorce but she really understood my situation and gave excellent advise. I recommend her for sure!" (August, 2018)

"Marcelle is great— warm, funny, understanding and down-to-earth. I felt immediately comfortable." (August, 2018)

"I'm so glad I had a chance to work with Marcelle. She made me feel understood and supported through a period of adjustment in my life and helped me define and achieve my mental health goals. With her help I feel confident facing my challenges on my own. Thank you so much, Marcelle!" (October, 2018)

"Marcelle is empathetic, honest, supportive, and understanding. I appreciate her feedback, discussion on the issues I present and am facing in my life, and her insight into my behavior/actions and interpretation of events in my life." (October, 2018)

"Marcelle is great! She is approachable and cheery. Having her to talk to once a week is very helpful. She is insightful and professional but not intimidating or stiff. I would recommend her to a friend!" (October, 2018)

"My boyfriend and I came into this not knowing what to expect about the experience and our relationship, but talking to Marcelle about it all made it comfortable and not pressured. There were days when only I talked to her and [s]he would respond not with what I wanted to hear but the truth and how to manage my side in a relationship. I am extremely grateful to her and everything she had supported us on." (November, 2018)

"I highly recommend Marcelle. She’s so great at sifting through what I share with her and distilling it to simple reflective questions. I feel so much healthier having a safe way to share and to work on giving my mental and emotional health proper attention. We’re always a work in progress, but I’m so proud of the work I’ve done thanks to Marcelle’s guidance and support." (January, 2019)

"I feel very well taken care of in Marcelle's capable hands. I've been with other therapists before, and Marcelle really has an excellent ability to distill my feelings down to what's really going on, name it in a tangible way, and talk through a number of options so I don't feel so stuck. She uses a very helpful approach to trauma and anxiety. She makes me feel completely understood and accepted as I am, even when she's challenging me to push myself a little. Marcelle is also just very kind and funny and her grounded presence helps put me at ease." (April, 2019)

"Marcelle is the best counselor I've had hands down. I felt comfortable opening up to her and I genuinely feel like she has my best interest in mind. Marcelle has been helping me for over 6 months now and I can definitely say I'm in a much happier place because of her help. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a new counselor or is new to counseling in general" (April, 2019)

"Marcelle has been so helpful and responsive, providing clarity and different views on complicated family relationships and is introducing me to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I really enjoy the video chats - they really bring the therapy close and personal. Thank you!" (July, 2019)

"You know when you find someone who just gets you? That’s Marcelle. She lights up my life and helps me find a way through my struggles- many, many thanks and all the love, MC!" (July, 2019)

"I am so grateful for Marcelle! She is a great listener and good at making sure it is a safe space. If I want to complain or cry or laugh it is not judged or forced out of feeling. She is comfortable holding the space for me to process. Thank you for supporting me and making me feel normal." (September, 2019)

"Marcelle has been our counselor for a few months now. So far so good. She has been very helpful to us and offers us valuable advice. We trust her." (October, 2019)