Stretching Through the Growing Pains

The majority of my career has involved working with teens and young adults. If you fall in this population, you may recognize that although the larger topics of stress, relationships, and other wellness issues affect us all, it feels different during this stage of your life. And I would argue that it is to an extent. You also may struggle with finding someone you feel you can connect with to discuss these challenges. Hopefully, you will be relieved with how comfortable you can feel working with me.

Here are some topics where you may want support:

  • Improving relationships with peers or romantically 

  • Struggling connecting to family members so they understand you

  • Managing school schedule and responsibilities to be successful

  • Deciding on potential careers that may interest you

  • Learning who you are including interests and identity

  • Figuring out stress management techniques that work for you

Please contact me to schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your personal concerns and get to know one another.